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Ticket to Ride – a board game series by Alan R. Moon, published by Days of Wonder

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Alan R. Moon

After an early introduction to the classic American board games and traditional card games in his youth, it’s no surprise that Alan has had a long and illustrious career in gaming.

His professional life has included stints as an Assistant Editor for Avalon Hill’s magazine, The General; as a developer at Parker Brothers; founder of his own game company White Wind; Director of Games at FX Schmid USA; and Vice President at Ravensburger.

Alan has designed and co-designed dozens of published games including Elfenland, Union Pacific and San Marco.

The Author

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August 2003, at the World Boardgame Championship, in Hunt Valley, Maryland - In the back of a diner straight out off American Graffiti, we discover what will become Ticket to Ride.

Alan, accompanied by his future wife and Pitt Crandlemire, is about to give us the best (unfinished) game we have yet had to play.

Pulling a prototype, Station to Station, out of his bag of games, Alan explains us the rules in a snap, and off we go, feverishly beginning to claim our own railroads on the way to World domination.

Suddenly, ten turns or so into the game, Alan wipes the board clean and says "well, it’s quite a simple game, and you clearly got it!"

We’re still wondering whether this was the definitive tactic: building up such a level of frustration (try stopping mid-way through your first game of Ticket to Ride, and you will understand what we mean!) that we had no alternative but to publish the game ourselves to finish that interrupted, yet so intense and delightful play session!