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Players may move a single monster to a different city anytime during their turn by turning in 1 or 2 Locomotive wild cards and moving the monster up to 3 cities away for each card they discard. The player who moves Alvin (or Dexter) the most during the game will also earn a bonus. Any Destination Tickets that include cities that Alvin and Dexter occupy at the end of the game are worth only half their normal point value!

This is an expansion. An original copy of any complete board game from the Ticket to Ride series is required to play with the Alvin & Dexter Monster Expansion.

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Meet Alvin & Dexter - two detailed monster figures that bring their own special brand of chaos to cities across the Ticket to Ride landscape. Alvin (the Alien) and Dexter (the Dinosaur) are two wacky characters ready to help you stomp opponents and zap tickets in this fun expansion. But don't take them too lightly; they also introduce a devious new tactical layer to the game.

The last two players to start get to place the monsters in different cities on any Ticket to Ride map. It doesn't matter which map - Alvin and Dexter are just as adept at rampaging through London, Zurich or Stockholm as they are in New York or San Francisco. Once a monster moves in, it's now a City in Chaos - no one can build a new route into or out of that city until the monster moves on!

The Box Contains: 2 detailed monster figures; 40 Monster cards; 2 Bonus cards; and a multi-lingual rules booklet in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Polish.

Great sculpts, light rules that add strategic depth - Alvin & Dexter is rock solid. Pick it up when you can.

James Engelhardt on thegaminggang.com
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Alvin and Dexter is a fantastic addition to the Ticket to Ride game series. It increases interaction, increases strategy, increases action, and increases fun.

GeekInsight on Giant Fire Breathing Robot
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A Station cannot be built in a city with a Monster.
  2. A Depot cannot be built in a city with a Monster.
  3. A Passenger cannot be moved out of, into, or through a city with a Monster.
  4. A Monster can be moved into a city with a Station, Depot, or Passenger.
  5. If a Monster is in a Country location, the whole Country, not just the specific space, is in Chaos.
  6. Cards cannot be added to or taken from a Depot in a city in Chaos.
  7. At the end of the game, a Station in a city in Chaos can still be used normally.
  8. If both Monsters are in the same city at the end of the game, Tickets that include this city are only halved (not halved twice).
  9. If the two Monsters are in the two cities named on a Ticket, this Ticket is only halved (not halved twice).
  10. When you move a Monster, you must move him at least one space, you cannot retrace steps (as in moving one city forward and then one city back), and you may not end the Monster's movement in the same city where it started the move (by moving in a loop).