Quadropolis Quadropolis

Vainqueur de l'International Gamer Award 2005 dans la catégorie Stratégie Générale Multi-joueurs

Retenu dans la sélection 2005 de l'Académie des Jeux de Vienne (Autriche)

Jeu de l'année familial 2006 en Norvège

"Ticket to Ride Europe adds a new layer of decision-making to the basic formula, making this sequel fresh, new and even more attractive to the gamers in the crowd. Even owners of the original Ticket to Ride will find the original touches in Ticket to Ride Europe just the thing to make this train ride first class."
Herb Levy - Gamers Alliance

"The new [Ticket to Ride Europe] actually puts a bit more emphasis on strategic and planned gameplay than its predecessor, but this by no means makes the game less attractive. Quite the opposite, I would say that Alan R. Moon succeeded in making a good game better, and thus I can recommend the game without any reservations..."
Frank Schulte-Kulkmann - Kulkmann's G@mebox

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