Memoir '44 Projects of 50th

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NEW! Rongammer (50th) House Rules List with background information and rules.
Revised My House Rules Units with transport half track abilities!
Revised Air Units Rules to replace air pack rules. Check them out!
Updated Expansions List! Revised 03/29/17 For KhalKhin-Gol battle maps.

Battle Map Units chart added with standard and house rules! (06/16/17)
Armor Charts updated to add Armor Cars and Tankettes!
My House Units Chart has been updated to reflect changes from My House Rules List!

My Memoir 44 Charts:
The following are my charts showing standard M44 units and my house rules units with rules.                                                                                                              
     Armor Chart                                                                                                          Artillery Chart
Revised (04/06/17)                                                            Revised with information from EP (12/18/12)
     Infantry Chart                                                                                      My House Rules:Units Version 4.5
Revised and error corrected. (08/11/14)                                             All house rules units in one chart                                                                                                                      Revised (08/09/17) New transport Rules!
Equipment Pack Units With D-Day Units (07/23/14)                                Battle Map Units Help Sheet Version 2.0
Shows all EP and Supported armor and infantry units                             with standard and house rules units
(except some Hobart's Funnies)                                                                       (Includes KG battle map units)                                                                                                                                                                
Desert RR                                                                                             Gliders                                                                            Dirks Winter
   by Dirk                                                                                               by Nothung                                                                            Tiles 1
Solo Rules                                                                            My Solo Play Charts
These are rules for playing                                                                                                These charts give random
 solo games that I found on the internet.                                                                  units and objectives.
Version 1.1!
My Air Rules                                 My House Rules (Rongammer & 50th)
     Version 1.05.06!                                                                                                      Version 1.0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
These are my own house Air Rules. The planes and stands from the air pack can be used, or use aircraft from other games, or toy aircraft.
Newest version  (air sortie cards don't count toward command card maximums or as a card played.)
Rongammer (50th) House Rules is a new listing of all the house rules I like to use (one or two at a time) depending on scenario. The listing also gives background information on the units.

Overlord Help Sheet    Updated and corrected! (06/11/12)
I created this sheet to help with overlord battles. It shows who gets what card by using the initials CnC for Commander-in-Chief and FG for Field General. It also shows how tactics and section cards are modified for overlord. This really helped speed up my overlord games.

                          This is it! My first Pacific Theater Campaign!
Campaign(Revised 10/25/09)                                                    The Iwo Jima Score Sheet
(Now includes Scenarios!)
This is the Philippine Campaign!                                                  Philippine Score Sheet
Now with scenarios! (09/03/12)
Tiger Detailed House Rules                           Tiger Detailed Rules (Revised5/28/13)
                                                                                                                                                                                            Light Tank House Rules (02/01/11)          King-tiger House Rules (Revised 5/28/13)
When the air pack came out, I hesitated to buy it because I read that air planes could only move four hexes. Knowing that a Panzer IV can move at a top speed of 40 Km/h (about 25 mph) and a Me 109 has a top speed of 619 Km/h (about 385 mph), I cannot see why an air unit can only move one more space than a ground unit moving 3/5 it's speed! While at a convention, I overheard a convention friend say that when he talked to R Borg, he had been told that RB wanted more of a anti-air role for units. The current air-check system is also flawed (my opinion). Why should an aircraft flying high overhead have to make a check to fly over a hill or a minefield? This seemed silly to me. So I sat down while at a break in the convention and wrote my first rules for movement of air units over the battlefield (board) and the anti-air role of units on that battlefield. The rules have been modified and corrected several times, and last time I added rules for air and ground interdiction and some photos for examples! I liked the fact that the rules were only two pages, now they are six with title page, but are better with more attack and defense possibilities. I have never used the "official" air pack rules, and see no reason to.
Battle of the Bulge
Memoir 44 Expansions List                               Khalkhin Gol Contents List

         Revised 03/29/17                                                                                                   Uploaded 03/29/17

Contents (sorry no pics) 02/27/11)                                                           D-Day Landings
This shows how the pieces were originally packaged!    Punch board List
(in case you want to store them that way)                                                                     
George Patton      Patton Campaign        
Campaign                score sheet  
(Now with Scenarios!)         

Guam Campaign   Guam Scenarios    Guam Score Sheet