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Adapted from the card games of ancient China, Gang of Four Online™ has recently emerged as one of the most popular Online card game to come out of Asia in decades. Simple to learn and fun to play, Gang of Four Online is filled with intriguing strategies: To win, be the first to rid yourself of all your cards, using similar combinations as those found in Poker. But beware - a single misstep may find you in a struggle to survive!

To help you experience just how much fun Gang of Four Online is, your first 4 games are free! Then after the trial, purchase the game and you'll get unlimited access to the Game.

To discover Gang of Four Online, you can, at your leisure:

Download the rules

Your first trial game will always be played against computer opponents, freeing you from any worry as you learn the ropes. The next three can be played among your new Gang of Four online friends*. Our community of online players is full of helpful players from around the world who still remember the day they first sat in front of the game and will usually be glad to lend you a helping hand.

So join the gang, come online and play!

And remember: If you ever get stuck anywhere, there is an Auto button, in the game, to let you cycle through all the combinations you can play at a given time. Also, please do not forget to read our Netiquette page.

* Peak playing time usually occurs between the hours of 11:00am and 3:00pm PST.

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