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Queen's Necklace - Character Combos


Killer combos, and the impact of certain characters for a given style of play or number of players.

Queen's Necklace
Namesake of the game, this card obviously is under high demand in any game. Origionally, I thought that it was over-valued, but it turns out to be a very versitile card. However, don't plan your strategy around having it. It is certantly fun have the highest gem won cold with 5 rings on it etc. but it's too ideal, too much can go wrong. Even if you put all your eggs in the QN, you might not win.

Assuming you have a multi-facited broad approach, here's how you can really use the QN to further yourself.

Most players will not king your obvious favorite gem if you have the QN. It's practically proteceted without. That allows you to send a rouge QN where you can collect the L50 bounty.

Now predict where the King will fall: 1- who has kings? Don't play the QN on a gem that is the strength of he who has the king. You know it won't fall there. 2- are you or is your other opponent a bigger threat? Usually this will be you because you have a shoe-in for some big points. If the opponent with the king thinks you're the bigger threat, by all means guard one of your gem types, but again, not your biggest unless it's your only one. However if player 3 has a ton of points, a ton of rings, or if you're so far in the lead you're untouchable, King-man might shoot the king his way, especally if he's not apt to risk the L50. If the board leans this way, be warry before placing the QN on your adversary's gems, the cancelation may be worth more than L50. But never say never, especally if the gems are poorly valued, this can be the right play. If both your opponents have a king expect both to fall, which gives you an approximatley 50% chance of making some dough. In this case, play the QN where it will most likely have little benefit for the gem type.
Save the QN until the last sale unless all the kings are out and you expect them to fall. The last sale almost allways has the higest stakes.

Remember there are 3 ways to get the QN: Buying it (which usually requires having a courtier around), stealing it (3 musketeers), or having the only remaining kings.
06/10/2003 by Azarkon
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