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The Ticket to Ride Card Game is for 2-4 players ages 8 and older. It includes 96 Train cards, 6 Big Cities Bonus cards, 46 Destination Tickets and a rules booklet. Playing time is approximately 30 minutes.

The Ticket to Ride Card Game is the perfect portable way to take your next train adventure!

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A New Train Adventure Begins!

The Ticket to Ride Card Game delivers all of the excitement, fun and nail-biting tension of the original Ticket to Ride board game, but with several unique game-play twists in a new stand-alone, card game format.

Players collect sets of illustrated Train cards which are then used to complete Destination Tickets - routes between two cities depicted on each ticket. But before their Train cards can be used, players must face the risk of "train-robbing", where another player may force them to lose their hard-earned cards.

Every fan of the board game will want to own a copy of the Ticket to Ride Card Game!

"Ticket to Ride: The Card Game is one of the best adaptations of a board game to a card game format I've had the pleasure to play. It maintains many of the mechanisms and much of the flavor of the original game, yet also offers some clever new twists and features... Families can learn and play the game quickly and easily, yet there is enough here to engage gamers. I feel I will be enjoying the ride on this new Ticket to Ride version for a long time to come."

Greg Schloesser - Counter Magazine