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About Days of Wonder Account

Members of Days of Wonder Online have access to many exclusive features:

Community Tools: you can post messages on our game forums, exchange ideas with other players and fans and make new game playing friends. You can also exchange private messages, make a list of your friends, find players in your geographic area and more. Join our very active community and participate!
Personal Profile: as a Member, you can choose how you appear to other members of the community: choose your name, your signature and upload your personal avatar. You can also publicly register your Days of Wonder board games, so that other players can see which games you are interested in.
User Pages: this special feature allows you to publish content on the Days of Wonder web site. Create your own personalized space showing your activities, publish articles, upload files for download, post photos, etc.
Play Online: join thousands of players online who play tens of thousands of games every day! You never have to wait to find players and start a new game. Enjoy friendly and casual gaming at any time, 24 hours a day! Discover our Online Games and use your Days of Wonder account to play online!
Special Content and Software: only Members can access some parts of the game web sites that offer additional content such as special rules, add-ons, and more. For example, Members can view and download over a thousand additional Memoir '44 fan scenarios to play. You can even buy and download the Memoir '44 Editor - stand-alone software that allows you to create and publish your own scenarios!
Your Online Features: you can review the various online features enabled for your account by clicking My Days of Wonder Online Features from the My Account page. You will also be able to select additional features you are interested in.