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Tribute Mon, 07 December 2009 16:47
In the US, this is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
I just wanted to post this thread as a reminder of the US loss of life that day and to remember in particular those soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave the last full measure of devotion.
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Re:Tribute Mon, 07 December 2009 17:17
Thank you for getting this post started. We play games and reenact battles but we should never forget those that served and lived through those terrible times. Please take a moment to honor those that served and those that still serve.

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Re:Tribute Mon, 07 December 2009 18:31
I am forever thankful to all the men and women who serve my country in the military. I will watch the shows today on Pearl Harbor, and will think of them. I believe that the phrase "remember Pearl Harbor" is relevant today, along with "remember 9-11". One thing that I think Pearl Harbor should have taught us is to be ever vigilant and ever ready. I do not believe that we are either today. Well, that's my two cents worth. In remembrance

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Re:Tribute Wed, 09 December 2009 01:14
Good thread, thanks for starting it Stevens. Sorry I'm late.

I'll add my recognition of the suffering of otherwise innocent soldiers and civilians on all sides in all wars.
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Re:Tribute Wed, 09 December 2009 02:21
Thank you troops, past and present, for the sacrifices you've made. Cool

I'm a little late as well but I was able to have a short talk with my students about Pearl Harbor on the actual day, so I hope that counts as honoring the people and remembering the day. Smile
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Re:Tribute Wed, 09 December 2009 03:12
i remember couple days ago, watching a documentary movie, Apocalypse : WW2, looks like a new one, around 5 hrs non-stop consisted of 6 series, covering from early German blitzkrieg to Barbarossa and also Pearl Harbor attack, don't know if this aired because of this remembrance day, but it's a good one because of many live footage taken from the real battle, have anyone watched this ?

it shows the extremely muddy road the German took when they're invading Russia, also the ceremony of sake(or tea?) salutation for the Japs honoring the emperor and before they attack Pearl Harbor, the Bataan death march, the battle of Midway, the frozen winter of Russia, etc

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Re:Tribute Wed, 09 December 2009 04:56
There seems to be less and less of Pearl Harbor Day remembrance as time marches on. Thanks for the initial post.
I highly recommend watching WW2 in HD on the History Channel. Great stuff.
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