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Winter Storm
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October 2006
Combat cards question Tue, 12 October 2010 19:23
from the combat rules:

"A player may only draw a new Combat card
from the deck at the end of a turn in which
he has played a Recon Command card - but
not a Recon in Force or any other Command

Does this imply that the player still draw two cards and discard one at the end of the turn too? Or not?

(or in the overlord games the player does still draw two card instead of two playing a recon card if he draws also a combat card?)


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Major Howard

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Re:Combat cards question Tue, 12 October 2010 19:26
All normal rules regarding Recon-1 is still valid in both regular and overlrod scenarios. The draw 1 Combat card is an additional effect of the Recon-1 card in scenarios with Combat Rules.(And scenarios with Winter Combat Rules when they are released.)

Stig Morten
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