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November 2012
Gypsy ability. Thu, 03 January 2013 01:37
Hello Small World players! I'm new to the game; only having it since Christmas and loving it very much. But I have a question regarding the Gypsy ability if you please.
I understand that Gypsies can abandon an area and leave a coin to collect if it is unclaimed at "turns end". But is turns end the end of your current turn or the end of everyone's turn for that round, before the turn marker is moved? I'm thinking the way of the latter, as if it was the end of the Gypsy players current turn, no other player would get a chance to claim the coins.
Any insight anyone can give is most helpful.
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Re:Gypsy ability. Thu, 03 January 2013 14:45
You get the coins at the end of the player's current turn. The Gypsy coins are never available to other players (unlike the Leprechauns) so these coins are simply a bonus for your turn.

I hope this helps! Enjoy the game and welcome to this great online community. Very Happy
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November 2012
Re:Gypsy ability. Thu, 03 January 2013 23:40
Thanks for the reply. It certainly makes sense for the Gypsies to have a race bonus.
Thanks again.
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December 2012
Re:Gypsy ability. Sun, 03 February 2013 22:22
Just a pointer about a discussion that occured to us regarding the abandonmet. (Probobly because we were incautious reading the rules)

But since the discussion seem to be found in other forums I found it suiting here since the topic people will be searching for would be Gypsy (or Gypsies)

Read ">Abandoning a Region" in the rulebook.
You may abandon all of your region(s) if you wish, resulting in the following conquest would be considered obeying by "First conquest"-rules - forcing you to deploy your units in a border region.

And I want to underline, as the racial power states, "You cannot conquer these Regions again this turn" (these; refering to the abandoned regions).
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Re:Gypsy ability. Sat, 23 February 2013 07:50
Yes. The Gypsie's power is linked to their nomadic nature.
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