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wonderful world Sun, 26 June 2005 17:43
At this particular moment

Pilke is number 1, raz is number 3 !!!

"and I think to myself, what a wonderful world "

1 pilke .............1822 1191
2 thekid ...........1821 1588
3 Razamanaz ...1776 623

Sorry thekid, but you can guess how I feel now

darling, imdfg

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Re: Wonderful world Sun, 26 June 2005 18:54

Congratulations on being number 1! You consistently demonstrate class every time you post to the forum and you are always polite and respectful of everyone's views, even if you disagree.

So it is very nice to see your ascension to the summit of Ticket to Ride online. Very happy for you. Smile

"the kid" won't take it laying down, so much spirited sportsmanship awaits... he is obviously a great competitor.

Good luck!


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Peter de Zeeuw
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Pilke's Wonderful World Wed, 29 June 2005 14:33
Well, I'm sure Léachris was ecstatic to see TheKid finally lose his title (I see he already regained it by now) and it did not matter to whom he lost it to.

But Pilke... Pilke is nice. Always respectful, never nasty or loudmouthed (like some chicks around here). I like her a lot. As a matter of fact, she helped me with my avatar for which I am still grateful. I think that Pilke would be someone that everybody could have peace with as the TTR World Champion.

But whether Pilke is number 1 or not... I still haven't changed my plans. The only problem is that I once promised Pilke in a PM that I would always be nice to her and how can I possibly be nice to someone that is standing on the spot where I want to be... number 1. Well, I guess I just have to ask her nicely to step aside... Wink

Nah, come on. If you read this Pilke, you know I won't give you a hard time (verbally that is). On the other hand; I will do my utmost to find new tactics and strategies to beat you in railroad combat.

See you around,


Who is this Mystic Rollmops character and where the heck did that came from?! How come I never seen this guy/girl here before and all of the sudden he/she/it is firmly in the top 10?! Shocked

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Re:wonderful world Wed, 29 June 2005 17:19

It probably has to do with the fact the person hasn't played a game in a while. When that happens, the person's ranking disappears from the rank chart, but they still have that rank. Once they play a game, their rank will show up again on the established rank chart.

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Re:Pilke's Wonderful World Thu, 30 June 2005 13:00
Peter de Zeeuw wrote on Wed, 29 June 2005 15:33

how can I possibly be nice to someone that is standing on the spot where I want to be... number 1. Well, I guess I just have to ask her nicely to step aside... Wink

Place one or two or any other ranking place is not mine. So you don't have to even ask me to step aside. Just get yourself a better score Smile I have had my share of the top places, so it would be nice to see there new faces too, who have earned the place with good playing. I am happy to give room to any fair player. and even happier if I know and like the person Smile

And.. Thank you for your kind words Peter.

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