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Saint Leo
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January 2017
How do i start a match?? Sat, 21 January 2017 17:33
Just downloaded Memoir '44 for my Mac, downloaded the latest Java version, etc. I watched the tutorial but it did not take me to the Briefing Room. Why isn't there just a button to click that says "Start Match" ???

How do I get going?
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August 2006
Re:How do i start a match?? Sat, 21 January 2017 22:11
When you exit the tutorial, I assume it brings you back out to the home screen. Click the "Play" button (which is right below the "Tutorial" button). That will take you to the Lobby.

The lower left corner of the screen has a line where you can type. Dialog appears in the lower right. You can talk to other players who are in the Lobby.

You'll see a list of scenarios on the left half of the screen. Highlight one.

There will be a list of players on the right-hand side. To the right of a player's name, if you see one or two "man" icons, he's in a game, not the Lobby.

If a player has no "man" icons next to his name, he's in the Lobby.

To invite someone to play a game, click the person's name and the scenario you want to invite him to, and click "Play."

To play against the bot, click a scenario name, and click "Play Solo."

Once you've learned the basic mechanics of the game, it's much more interesting to play against a human, IMO.

Welcome to a great neighborhood. Good luck, and have fun!
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January 2017
Re:How do i start a match?? Sat, 04 February 2017 23:32
Why do you say to invite, click "play"? What is the "Invite" button for?
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July 2014
Re:How do i start a match?? Sun, 05 February 2017 00:10
Hi, the invite button actually pops up a screen on your picked persons computer asking them if they are willing to play that game. They have the option to play or decline. They might be waiting for a match with someone else, or prefer a different scenario. And keep in mind most players prefer to play a rematch which will have you each play a second game from the other side. So then the odds even out!!!
If you only have time for a single game, it is polite to let your opponent know before you start.


Good luck & Have fun!
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