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game with no end? Tue, 11 December 2018 01:09
I just played Trefnigen Pa Midtskogen [NOR] online today.

As the allies I drew no center cards and very little for my right so my plan to exit the units on my right was not going according to plan. I was forced to battle the Germans with what scant orders I got and managed two kills. I have have a few orders for my right and managed to exit three infantry and the game was tied 5 to 5. I thought I had the game won as I could exit a unit on my next turn but a German 3d attack rolled trip grenades to win the bots 6th and what should have been final medal. But the game continued and i was allowed another turn and exited my unit for what should have been my 6th and final medal - but no -- the game went on. I exited my last two units and had no units on the board. Out of curiosity I continued playing cards for several more turns with no units to command and the bot did likewise with no units to target. In theory I could have played till I drew Barrage and / or Air Power so that I could kill off all the remaining Germans. But After several turns the system seemed to halt the game.

The most interesting part was that the bot used a recon as a blitz air strike when the visibility was only 5. I did not notice this till I played Air Power but could only order one unit instead of targeting German units with 2d air attacks.

Unfortunately there is no replay as the game was not finished.

I have to let the author to go back to the drawing board on this one. Rolling Eyes
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Re:game with no end? Mon, 28 January 2019 01:00
Laughing I tried it once after your original post and had much the same experience. A little more playtesting would definitely help.

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