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Scoring/Destination Ticket Bug Found Fri, 31 July 2020 07:39
I have discovered a scoring bug when playing online. I had seen it before but really noticed it last night.

When playing with friends online we set up a conference call. We are all using iPads. Last night we were playing Europe Big Cities. When the game ended, we were chatting about our tickets. I could see a friend had 16 tickets but he said he had 15. As the game was going through each ticket I saw he had a ticket he did not complete. On my screen it meant he received some negative points. The other two players did not see this ticket as well as the negative points.

On my screen he had 197 points.On the others it was 211. He still won.

I have seen this in other versions of the game (like Philadelphia) but after the fact. One friend will send a screenshot of the final scores to everyone. I would notice a difference in my score but I didn't have a screenshot from what I saw on my iPad. This time I do.

Is it possible to log this bug?
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Re:Scoring/Destination Ticket Bug Found Fri, 31 July 2020 20:39

it happened to me too
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