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Additional Scenario? Wed, 13 December 2006 10:42
When you look at the back of the box you can see example of battle field ready to be played.

At first I assumed that this is example of one of the scenarios which are in the game, but when I look through all 10 scenarios in the booklet I couldn't find.

So it seems that there is one extra, "hidden" scenario. Very Happy

As you can see it's pretty balanced and contains terrain that may be interesting from the strategic point of view (it's the only scenario with river going through the middle of the battle field).

I'll check the playability of this scenario next time I'm playing BL so let you know if it's ok.

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Re:Additional Scenario? Wed, 13 December 2006 14:22
Sounds great!
What about it, DoW?
Any chance of you posting the game info as in the adventure book?

The adventure’s title, and (when provided by Froissart), its date in history
A Battle Map, depicting the lay of the land, and the forces deployed on the battlefield at game start
A list of the Terrain (type and quantity) used
A list of key figures and supplemental units, if any
The Adventure’s Battle Notes

Please? Razz
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Re:Additional Scenario? Wed, 13 December 2006 16:23
Actually, this one is _not_ a hidden adventure, or at least not a playtested one! Rather, I would call it the "photographer" adventure. Laughing

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Re:Additional Scenario? Wed, 13 December 2006 16:53
Your photographer definitely seems to be biased in favour of the French.
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