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Twice in the same game Sun, 21 April 2013 13:38
Usually when the web application is launched, if I launch it again, it would just close the first one and load it again.
Sometimes, it does not close the other one, and I can have one window for play and one to monitor who is in lobby and potentially can join the game.

The funny thing is from this second window I tried to join my own game, and it worked ! For sure it is not the first time it happens so I wonder if someone tried to actually start a game this way.
Maybe one of the two is kicked after some time, or it works and in the end it is a draw between the players, who knows ?

Could also be a problem since I can potentially play and watch a game if I want to. Bry Guy was suspecting something when he saw that (since I blocked him later in the game), and I understand some players might use it this way (no need for second account or anything). Quick fix is no make the game private/closed, but then
no pom pom girls...

I am not paranoiac, but I can now sleep well imagining that in tournament my opponents were watching my cards... Or maybe they were just better players.

Any other experience of this bug ?

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Re:Twice in the same game Sun, 21 April 2013 15:07
I once played a 4P TAG game with Zimo, where we both used our own account twice.
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Re:Twice in the same game Mon, 22 April 2013 08:50
Nice ! So it worked Would be nice then to play tag tournaments this way Razz
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