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April 2013
Ideas for custom Righteous Relics/Places of Power Tue, 30 April 2013 06:11
Hey, I see custom races and powers all over, but not as much interest in relics or places. I'm curious to hear some ideas from the community, and I'll post some ideas of my own.

Righteous Relics:

Magic Whistle:Once per game, you may move the Game Turn marker forward or backward 1 spot on the Game Turn track. When this is done, you may place the whistle in a region you own. For the rest of the game, this region is worth 1 more VP for whoever occupies it at the end of their turn.

The Long Crook:Once per turn, you may pay 1 Victory coin, and discard 1 race and power combo from the six showing. Then replace it with a new one from the stack of unused races and powers.

Philosopher's Stone:1/turn, up to four times maximum, you may place one Transmutation token on a region you occupy. This region's type changes to one other type of your choosing. If you hold this relic, you may transmute a region back to its previous state, freeing up the Transmutation token for future use.

Places of Power:

Windy Haven:If you hold this region at the beginning of your turn, you may choose to pick up the six available race and power combos, shuffle them, and randomly lay them down to reveal six new (or old) combos. From here you may still choose to go into decline.

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April 2013
Re:Ideas for custom Righteous Relics/Places of Power Wed, 01 May 2013 15:32
Philosopher's Stone is good but needs polish. It seems it will be better to make a relic that once per turn changes type of your region.
But question is - how to mark it. If it is an idea for developers, when it is ok, if they will decide to print so many more tokens (DW/DWU) for one relic. If it is for house play, then it's still a question.

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May 2013
Re:Ideas for custom Righteous Relics/Places of Power Sun, 02 June 2013 20:45
(Totally ripping off the Wheel of Time here)

The Horn of Recall: When your active race takes control, the horn summons 1 additional token of your declined race for each region they occupy. You may use these additional tokens to do new conquests for your declined race.

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Re:Ideas for custom Righteous Relics/Places of Power Wed, 25 September 2013 01:34
[To any Admins looking on: this post should be in the Underground forums.]
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January 2014
Re:Ideas for custom Righteous Relics/Places of Power Sun, 09 March 2014 00:30
There are Underground fora!?
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