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 Topic: Ticket to Ride - Updates Notes
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Re:Ticket to Ride 2.1 (Nordic Countries) Fri, 27 May 2016 00:31
Dear players,

The version 2.2.0 of Ticket to Ride brings not only bug fixes, it also adds new games variants on Europe. Here is a list of changes since the last version :

  • New variantes for Europe, taken from the expansion 1912 :

    • Europe Expanded
    • Big Cities of Europe
    • Mega Europe

  • Aborted game have been removed from the resumable list
  • on small devices, the game screen have been revamped
  • on Nordic Countries, claiming Murmansk - Leiksa has been fixed
  • What's special for Europe now tell about stations
  • Sharing images will not crash anymore on iOS < 7.0
  • When observing an online game the cards deck will not disappear anymore.
  • on small devices, better display of the number of wagons that the opponent has on his hands
  • Chat Bubbles: bubbles will not be positioned out of screen depending on screen configuration and text length + emoticon
  • Observe mode : Hide cards option now works
  • Added a true left handed mode, as there used to be in previous version of Ticket to Ride iPad
  • We now have a separate message for "Your opponent withdrew'
  • German localization for What's Special panels
  • Fix crash if you tap the dictation key on iPhone IOS 9.x
  • and other enhancements

Have fun !

The Days of Wonder team
Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Topic: SPWC 2016 : Schedule and Results
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Re:SPWC 2016 : Schedule and Results Fri, 27 May 2016 00:41
Hecki vs Cat 0:4

I had in games 3 and 4 a lot of luck, I had to draw and found 2 tickets in both games, no chance for poor Hecki! Sad
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 Topic: Journée Mémoire 44 en Normandie
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Re:Journée Mémoire 44 en Normandie Fri, 27 May 2016 00:28
Bonsoir a tous,
j'en suis bien sur , et je vois pour confirmation avec Nathan.
 Topic: 28/05/2016 - Mémoire 44 Tournoi de Melle (Gand) - Belgique
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Re:28/05/2016 - Mémoire 44 Tournoi de Melle (Gand) - Belgique Fri, 27 May 2016 00:46
Pas de matériel à ammener. Tout est prévu.

L'adresse est : GOC Gontrode, Geraardsbergsesteenweg 94, 9090 Melle

Accuiel à partir de 8h30.
Le briefing commence à 9h30.

Mon portable : +32 473 941 767 (en cas d'urgence / problème)
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 Topic: Printed Full Size Scenario Maps?
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Re:Printed Full Size Scenario Maps? Fri, 27 May 2016 01:10
Hi, Richard -- What a wonderful question! Thank you for asking.

Preprinted Overlord/Overthrough maps are useful, because they can save a lot of time and complication when a group gets together to play a big scenario. And as LooneyLlama pointed out, more Official Overlords would be a good thing.

(For the record, at WBC, I repeat Official Overlords because the familiar scenarios will tend to attract more players than unfamiliar scenarios.)

I very much like gheintze's suggestion of scenario booklets, too. They don't need to be organized into campaigns. If they come with new special rules and possibly something extra like a sheet of badges/markers/terrain, that's an extra reason to buy. The booklets may not need to be as many pages as the Campaign Books.

Personally, I generally see little need for pre-printed Standard or Overlord maps. The brilliant thing about the Commands & Colors system is its total flexibility, and this would seem to move it more in the direction of a limited series of maps that you could use any brand of miniatures on.

One possible exception to this would be to create one or more "standard" sets of tournament scenarios each year, which could be made available to tournament directors at an affordable price. (My inspiration here, curiously, is music conservatories, which apparently come out with a list of audition pieces every year for students who want to apply.) But I suspect that this would have a very limited market.