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Re:2014 in Paris Tue, 24 June 2014 02:18
First, congrats for your win.

We (competitive community) do not know much more than you; although we have 10 guys or so already qualified.
Hard to know what's going on : world championship page is not updated, and that special forum is...deader than dead.
Basic format is first round : multis and then KO 2-player.
But who knows how the final will look like.

You will more likely hear from them before you get an answer here.

In the meantime, train online ! It will serve you well !

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  2014 in Paris ArendalsbanenMon, 23 June 2014 10:34
  Re:2014 in Paris  SysyphusTue, 24 June 2014 02:18
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