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FAQ Tales and Legend Tue, 20 June 2017 12:31
Hi everybody? I had some doubts about some events and what we are supposed to do regarding some particular configurations :

- about an event which cancels the race powers for this turn (I don't know the name in English, I play the French version) : what happens to Ghouls already in decline ? Trolls' lairs ? Ice Witches' Snow Balls ? Skags' treasures already put on the map ? Halflings' Holes in the Ground ? Races such as Pixies, Barbarians and Kobolds - does their disadvantage still apply ? Priestesses in decline (should they score one VP for the region they occuy, or no VP at all ?

- about an event which cancels all special powers (all cursed, I think the name is) : what happens with Fortified's Fortresses already on the map ? The two extra Hord tokens ? Cursed (should 3 VPq be payed regardless since it doesn't seem to be regarded as a special power but the absence of special power) ? Spirit race when it's alread declined ? Seafaring (should the water region(s) be abandonned or conquering one is simply forbidden ?).

- about an event which makes the player pay a VP to the player which conquers a region of his/hers, without loding a race token : what happens with Elves and Pygmees ?

Thanks in advance for your answer !

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