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Re:When Europe comes Wed, 22 June 2005 06:28
redPEPPER wrote on Tue, 21 June 2005 17:51

tjandjahall :

The luck of the ticket draw is still a factor - when I played last night and drew three short tickets that had absolutely no overlap with my long ticket, I knew I was unlikely to win - but it is actually a smaller factor except possibly in two-player games.

An alternative in Europe is that you can keep short mission and still win.

Nope, that wouldn't have worked either. With four players in the game, the odds of one of them having a good combo using a long ticket was quite good, and indeed this occurred. I managed second place, but first place was a long way ahead with a very good combination of tickets - a long ticket that was almost her two short tickets placed end-to-end.

As it was, I think I could have done better had I discarded one or more tickets - whether my long ticket or a certain short one would have been better, I'm not sure. The change may have boosted me to second, as I was only narrowly behind second, but there was no way I was going up to first that way.

Flexibility and unpredictability would not have helped me, as nobody ever attempted to block me. I just didn't have the points to win. Even blocking the leader to cost her points would simply have sunk me further behind second place.


Though you can have bad or good tickets, you do not lose a Euro game with starting tickets alone.

Not absolutely, no, but the game can certainly be stacked against you, especially in larger games.


And that's still pretty costly to the opponent. Blocks are not lethal anymore but they are a real pain. You're gonna lose points, cards and a turn.

Yes, getting blocked still hurts. However, getting blocked often doesn't hurt the blockee very much worse than it hurts the blockee. In fact, the play of a station often saves cards, rather than costing them, because the play of a station is usually uses less cards than claiming the track.

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