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April 2005
Re:When Europe comes Wed, 22 June 2005 12:16
tjandjahall :

Flexibility and unpredictability would not have helped me, as nobody ever attempted to block me.
Flexibility is not only against others, it's also for yourself: you can take better tracks if you don't need to fight for specific tracks.

I don't know the specifics of your game. It's very possible that you could do nothing in this case. What I'm saying is that "bad" tickets seldom seal the fate from the start. I've seen many occurences that demonstrated this.

[quote]getting blocked often doesn't hurt the blockee very much worse than it hurts the blockee.[quote]
You mean the blocker of course. This depends on the situation but you can block on big tracks, which scores points, or you can block in a way that you can later use... Just like the USA. Blocks are most costly at 4 players because it's harder to block (double ways) and other players (except the blockee) sometimes also benefit from your block.


In fact, the play of a station often saves cards, rather than costing them, because the play of a station is usually uses less cards than claiming the track.
Cards are ideally turned into points, the more points the better (ratio = 1 for 1 or 2 tracks, up to ratio 2.625 for the 8 track). Using cards to put a station has a negative ratio since you lose 4 points per station (ratio -2 if you use 3 stations).

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