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September 2005
  Rules clarification Fri, 09 September 2005 02:06
Hi Folks. Look, we just bought TTR and love it. But, as with every game, we've hit a snag. Four players in a game last night. On the map, no player had built trains on the line connecting Vilno to Petrograd. Players A and B in their last turn wanted to deploy a station (player A in Wilno, Player B in Petrograd) and claim a continuation of their lines so they could win the European Express (Players A and B had laid down trains conecting other cities between Moscow and western Europe). Note that no player (neither A, B, C or D) had claimed the Wilno to Petrograd line and actually laid down trains. The four train slots between Wilno and Petrograd were empty.
Players C and D felt that to be eligible to use another players trains to continue your own line (by putting a station in an unoccupied city) there still had to be trains laid down from Wilno to Petrograd by one of the players in the game. Players C and D felt you just can't claim a line by placing a station in an unoccupied city if there are no trains laid between the cities by a player. Players A and B disagreed.
Under the rule titled 'Building a Station' all players agree that at the end of each of their turns any player can put one station in an unoccupied city, even one to which there are no trains built.
The issue is, at the end of the game when calculating points, must there be a line of trains laid down (by any player) for there to be a valid line between two cities from which players can claim points (either because the trains laid down are their colour, or because they have put a station in either city at the end of the line)? Players C and D feel there do need to be trains. Players A and B disagree. Who is right?

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