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  1. gheintze says

    Armor Taking Ground into a Bunker (Comment / Question)

    Q. May an Armor unit after a successful close assault on an enemy in a Bunker, Armor Overrun by taking ground and attacking again, or does the terrain battle restriction prevent that?
    A. An Armor unit that makes a successful close assault on a unit in a Bunker hex may not Take Ground because Armor cannot enter a Bunker hex, which means the Armor cannot battle since it didnt Take Ground.

  2. gheintze says

    Bunker Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. When the Special Rules say that only the Axis can claim bunkers as a defensive position, does that mean that bunkers are impassable to Allies?
    A. No. An Allied infantry unit can move onto the bunker hex, but they will not benefit from any terrain protection; it is like they are on an open countryside hex.

    Q. If a bunker is sitting on a hill, do the terrain modifiers stack? Meaning that tanks are at -3, and infantry -2 to shoot into the hex?
    A. No. Battle dice terrain reductions in the same hex are not cumulative. The highest modifier is the only one that applies (so the bunker on a hill offers the same defense as the bunker on a Countryside hex).

    Q. Bunkers state that units may ignore the first flag, but the Barrage and Air Power cards state that flags may not be ignored. When attacking a unit in a bunker with one of these cards and a flag is rolled does the unit in a bunker have to retreat?
    A. Yes. Flags rolled against the unit in a bunker from a Barrage and Air Power attack may not be ignored.

    Q. For Artillery in bunkers, flags are treated as a hit. Does Artillery in a bunker still ignore the first flag?
    A. Yes. Basically an Artillery unit in a bunker may not retreat. Therefore it must lose one figure for each retreat flag that cannot be completed. But like all other units in a bunker hex, it may ignore the first flag rolled against it. In other words, it takes two flags to force it to retreat and take one hit, and three flags to make two hits.

    Q. Does moving onto a bunker stop movement for an Infantry unit?
    A. No. Tanks and Artillery, however, may not be moved onto a bunker hex.

    Q. Does moving onto a bunker let a standard Infantry unit battle even if they moved twice to get there?
    A. No. Certain cards will allow standard Infantry units to move two hexes and attack, but bunkers themselves do not create that ability.

  3. gheintze says

    Armor in Bunkers, River Bug Scenario (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can the Russian Armor in the bunkers in the River Bug scenario move out of them, or are they treated like Artillery in bunker?
    A. The Russian Armor in the field bunkers may not move out of the bunker. The Armor units in the bunkers may ignore the first Flag. If forced to retreat it cannot and the unit must lose a figure for each retreat it cannot complete.

  4. JFKoski says

    Vehicles to bunker (Comment / Question)

    Rules state trucks and patrol cars are treated as infantry with certain terrain and command card exceptions.
    Q. Can vehicles (trucks, patrol cars, etc.) enter an unoccupied bunker (like Disaster at Dieppe.)
    Q. If yes, and its side controls the bunker, would they get the defense bonus?

  5. otykier says

    Artillery in bunker clarification (Comment / Question)

    In the bunker questions from the FAQ, it is mentioned that an artillery unit may ignore the first flag rolled against it (two flags = 1 hit, three flags = 2 hits). However, the core rules say on p. 16: "Remove one Artillery figure for each retreat Flag rolled against an artillery unit in a bunker" (implying one flag = 1 hit and two flags = 2 hits).

    Q. So which one is it?

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