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  1. Ironhill says

    Infantry on railroad (House Rule)

    An infantry-unit on railroad does not block the train. (It's just realistic)
    A train can roll over the infantry unit. Roll 2d. 1 hit for each infantry-symbol. Ignore flags and granades.
    If infantry is not eliminated, they must retreat. If they can't, the must move 1 hex foreward. If they can't, the unit is eliminated. Does not count as a victory medal.

    (Sorry about bad english)

  2. gheintze says

    Train Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. How does a Train work?
    A. Only the side in control of the Train may move it. A Train may move up to 3 hexes forward or back along the railroad tracks. The Locomotive and Wagon are always moved together and cost one order. Units may not move onto or through the hexes with the Train on them. Note: Units cannot retreat through any Train tiles.

    Q. Are these two tiles, when used, counted as one unit or two?
    A. The Locomotive and Wagon together are just one unit, but because the Train is so long, it is a viable target in either hex. When a hit is scored on either the Locomotive or Wagon, place one Battle Star on the Locomotive.

    Q. Do the Locomotive and Wagon block LOS?
    A. Yes.

    Q. In our game of the River Bug scenario, on the first move of the Russian player, the Train was moved 2 hexes forward creating a 4 hex chain with the 2 Infantry units, (those on the rail-line and those next to the woods). Can the 2 Infantry and each section of the Train be attacked?
    A. Yes. The Locomotive hex and Wagon hex may each be targeted with an Air Power card.
    - After 3 hits are scored on a Train, the Wagon is destroyed and the 4th hit destroys the Locomotive, which is then placed on an empty Victory Medal stand space.
    - If the Wagon is removed and there was a unit riding on it, the unit is lost but does not count as a victory medal. If the Locomotive is removed and there was a unit riding on it, the unit is lost but does not count as a victory medal. Only the Locomotive will count as a medal.

    Note: If the Train pulls into the station and if the Wagon was destroyed, only 1 Infantry unit will unload from the Locomotive; the other unit was lost with the Wagon.

    Q. Can I recover damage points for a Train by playing Medics &amp; Mechanics on it?
    A. No.

    Q. Does a unit riding on the Locomotive or Wagon count as a victory medal if the Wagon and/or Locomotive is destroyed?
    A. No. If the Locomotive or Wagon is removed and there was a unit riding on it, the unit is lost but it does not count as a victory medal.

    Q. After an Infantry unit exits a Train (either the Locomotive or the Wagon), can it retreat back onto the Train?
    A. No. Once the Infantry unit leaves the Train, it cannot climb back onto it.

    Q. If train tracks continue to the edge of the board, can I exit my Train off the board to prevent my opponent from getting a medal for it?
    A. No. You cannot exit a Train off the board unless the scenario specifically allows it.

  3. Lame_Sport says

    Train Questions (Comment / Question)

    Can you explain how armor/infantry can enter a train, then can the train carry them and drop them off at a railroad station?

  4. *player2048366 says

    Air Power/Air Sortie (Comment / Question)

    When playing an Air Power card against a train and any adjacent units, do you roll dice for both the locomotive and the wagon on can you only fire at one of them?

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