[France 1940] 1st Colonial Division under tank attack - June 15, 1940

Unternehmen Fall Rot - The hour of Glory for the French artillerymen.
Western Front By: jdrommel - Last update: 02/21/2020
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x6 x6 x5 x6
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Historical Background:
On the 14th of June,the 1st Colonial Division had to defend the area between Saint Dizier and Bar-le-Duc against the panzers of Von Runstedt Army Group. On the 15th of June, just arrived on the positions, the Colonial troops were attacked by German tanks. At that time , it was the hour of glory for the gunners of the 1st Colonial Artillery Regiment who fired directly to the tanks and destroyed a lot of them. But this was a temporary victory because most of them were sacrificed to cover the retreat of the infantry outflanked by enemy tanks.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis player [Germany] : 6 command cards, you move first.
Allied player [France] : 5 command cards.

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals.
Brillon-en-Barrois and Combles-en-Bbarrois are each a temporary medal objective for the Axis player.

Special Rules:
- Use "French Infantry" rules (Nations 7) to all Allied infantry units.
- Use "Specialized Units" rules (Troops 2) to all Axis infantry units. Badges are not required
- Use "Blitz" rules (Actions 15).
- Remove the "Air Power" card before to begin the game.

Scenario Bibliography:
-"Des coloniaux au combat"- La 1e division d'infanterie coloniale, 1939 -1940.
- "1940, les troupes coloniales dans la bataille de France" - Paul Gaujac.

Official scenario of FFM44. Played during the tournament in Le Mans (La Chapelle Saint Aubin) on the 26th of January 2020.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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