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Tigers on the Ridge! - December 20, 1944 - December 26, 1944

Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein - St. Vith Breakthrough
Western Front By: rooster5 - Last update: 05/27/2009
Allied Player: Axis Player:
x5 x13 x8 x13
    first You play first

Historical Background:

In the Ardennes, there were only a few cross-country roads, so forces would tend to pile up at the crossroads. St. Vith was one such
town. The German tide rushed past to the north and south of St. Vith during the first days of the offensive, leaving the town to two
Volksgrenadier divisions, supported by artillery and a few Tigers. In the defense, a hodge-podge force, including infantry and armor,
dug in on a rugged ridge known as the Prumerberg, just east of St. Vith.
A heavy artillery barrage began the German attack. The infantry followed, advancing through gaps in the American line. The push was
joined by Tiger tanks rolling up the front slopes of the Prumerberg. The American armor lay in wait on the ridge, but the Tigers, using an
Eastern Front tactic of firing flares as they reached the crest, blinded the American tank crews and silhouetted the Sherman tanks. The
American line broke under heavy pressure and fell back before additional forces could be deployed from the town.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis start with 8 cards.
Goes first.
Axis may play up to two cards AND draw for played cards. First turn only.
Allies start with 5 cards.
Visibility starts at 3.
Allies have one Supermarine Spitfire.
Axis have 2 BF109's.
All Air Rules apply unless otherwise noted in scenario.
All Memoir 44 rules apply unless otherwise noted in scenario.

Conditions of Victory:
First one to thirteen medals win. Axis must have one objective medal.
Sudden Death if Axis holds all 6 objective medals.
Axis reinforcement roll for controlling cross roads objective.

Special Rules:
Allies start with 5 cards. Draws two each turn until he reaches 8.
Visibility Chart rules are in effect. Actions card #19. Visibility starts at three hexes. Put battle marker on 3.
When marker passes 6, visibility is normal and take away chart.

SWA rules in effect for anti tank gun and mortar. SWA cards 1,2, & 3
Mortar teams are two figures and get hit on grenades only.
Mortar teams get one cross hair marker each.
Cross Hair rules are in effect. Troops card #3
Heavy mortar, longer range, +2 hexes at 1 attack dice each.
Mortar teams attack dice, stars count as flags.

The 101st Airborne are special forces, put the appropriate badge. Troops card #2
The special Axis and Allies artillery are mobile artillery. Mobile artillery rules in effect. Troops card #14
The two single figures in St. Vith are snipers. Sniper rules are in effect. Troops card #10
Camouflage rules are in effect for snipers. Actions card #16.
Snipers do not count as a medal.
Supply trucks rules are in effect. Troops card #17
Re-supply rules are in effect. Actions card #24.
All supply truck units are single figure units, except the British, it has two figures.

The single figure armor for the axis are Tiger tanks.
Tiger tank rules are in effect. Troops card #16.

Axis have a field hospital, Rules in effect. Actions card #18.

The special forces armor for the British are the British Guards, they get four figures. Troops card #2
British Commonwealth rules are in affect. Nations card #5

Blitz rules are in effect. Actions card #15

The British, 101st Airborne, and the 11th Armor Division can not be ordered until visibility reaches 6 or higher or are fired upon.

The mountains facing St. Vith are impassable.
The medals in St. Vith are temporary objectives for the axis.
The cross roads is temporary medals for both sides.
Exit Marker rules in effect for Axis player. Air Pack rules book, pages 10 and 12
Exit markers at the hexes of the roads leading off of the board, west of St. Vith.

Air rules are in effect, but planes cannot fly until there is a 6 hex visibility or better. Air Rules cards.
HR-Planes can move up to six hexes. Can strafe only up to three adjacent hexes. Air Rules card #10. Axis throws two dice per hex, Allies throw one dice.
+1 die on all attacks on full strength units. All other rules apply.
Allies can not order any air units while Axis holds Power Plant.
Shuffle the Air Sortie cards into the deck.
Air Power cards are played just like Air Sortie cards.
Recon 1 cards may be played just as an Air Sortie card in section of the card by either side.
Air Sortie: Air Rules card #1

German Reinforcements:
As soon as an Axis unit moves onto the cross roads objective hex, German rolls 4 dice.
Activate a unit for each symbol rolled.
Grenades, activate unit of choice.
Stars, Axis receive an Air Sortie token. To be played just like an Air Sortie card. CB1, page 11.
Flags, Allies unit of Axis choice must retreat one hex or lose figure.
All activated ground units must be placed on the first hex row of the Axis baseline. Any units not placed are lost.

Air Rules:
Planes move as noted in scenario instead of four.
Both sides throw one dice for each hex strafed, unless otherwise noted in scenario.
+1 die when attacking full strength unit.
Planes can execute a Dog Fight Action as an action. Exception: the Storch.
All other Air rules apply.

Dog fight action:
An ordered aircraft can perform a dog fight action. An ordered air unit must end its movement adjacent to an
enemy air unit, and have not preformed any other actions that turn. Enemy air unit immediately rolls an
air check. Air Rules card #4. All modifiers apply. Destroyed plane is a medal.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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