The first installment in our series of Memoir '44 Battle Maps features two new ready to play Overlord scenarios:

Hedgerow Hell

Last night, American forces have finally captured Hill 192, the dominating heights commanding all approaches to Saint-Lô. But German elite Parachute units were able to withdraw, under cover of darkness, and regroup with elements of the Panzer Lehr. Ordered in pursuit, the weary US troops are about to enter "Hedgerow Hell"...

Includes 6 Dodge WC-63 Truck Miniatures

The Cadets of Saumur

France is about to fall... Standing across the Loire River, the Cadets of the Cavalry School at Saumur have rigged the bridges and are preparing to make one heroic last stand!

Requires one copy of Memoir '44 and the Operation Overlord expansion, or two full copies of Memoir '44.

Download the rules

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Many thanks to 1Giuseppe Ferrara, 2Sir Willibald and Funfairist, 3Rob Visscher, 4Jesse "Rasmussen81" Rassmussen, 5Jaime "Almilcar" Devesa and Jose "jasorel" Ruiz and 6 Mark "markelx" van Arkel.