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Ratings for "Hills (Examples of Line of Sight )"

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Pro242424 Merci
ericleal très clair et très utile. merci
Tiger75 Dank je wel!
NickyC2 Cool
gamov Excellent summary.
lm1984 cool
*player554445 Great
SebXIII Merci ! Grâce à sa je sais que je faisais des erreurs !
Snake attack
*player335448 merci
Clexton27 This is an excellent visual aid
Schwerpunkter One of the hard things for fans of Richard Borg games is that, if you have played his previous endeavor "Battle Cry," then you know that BC allows a unit on a hill to have LOS over an adjacent lower level unit. For players of Mem44, it must be noted that there is NO such LOS rule in Mem44. Units block LOS, period. Terrain blocks LOS, period. There is no provision in Mem44 for units on hills to see over units/LOS obstructions (though a unit can see from hill to hill if there are NO units/other than hill LOS obstructions in the way). For better or worse, that is the way it is.
Jojoplato Very usefull resource!! thanks
*player31765 Nice to have it in pictures
hadz Good...but the rules explained it pretty well anyway
Skorzeny Thanks for the examples!
andstrauss Good exemples. Especially the "don't fire over your buddies" case.
Louis Metoyer
rgtft Good resource.
Brummbar Thanks for the clarification!
Combi Merci pour les clarifications. A renouveller sur d'autres problemes
*player16288 Can also be applied to another of Richard's great games, whose name will remain anonymous here.
GI Joe Terrific examples! Thanks, Richard!
Brice Excellent!