Memoir '44 D-Day Landings Memoir '44 D-Day Landings


  • An updated Overlord Rules Booklet, covering play on the Eastern Front and the Pacific Theater, as well as with the Air Pack
  • 2 decks of 64 cards each, specifically redesigned for Overlord play
  • 178 Tokens to represent American / Russian & German / Japanese army figures if you don't have all the required figures
  • A set of 8 additional Memoir '44 dice

Download the rules (pdf - 1.7Mo)

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Take your game to the next level with Operation Overlord and relive the battles of WWII on a grand scale. With up to 4 players per side, you will soon experience the highs and lows of being part of a military-style chain of command.

Combined with an original copy of Memoir '44, this expansion includes all the material required to play Overlord games. Scenarios are not included; this expansion is designed to be played with our Memoir '44 Battle Map series of Overlord maps.

"In war there is no prize for the runner-up."

- Lt Gen Omar Bradley, Commanding General, U.S. First Army

NOT A STAND-ALONE GAME. An original copy of the Memoir '44 game and a ready-to-play Memoir '44 Battle map such as "Hedgerow Hell" is required to enjoy this expansion.

The first Edition of the Overlord rules (if you don't own the expansion Operation Overlord and play with 2 copies of the core game instead) are available for download on the Rules & Goodies page.

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