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  1. Il Contecanto says

    Counter-Attack (Comment / Question)

    Question: Could I play Counter Attack card as reaction to the opponents order in opponents round ? Before her does his order (the same as Ambush card)?

    Answer: No you may only play Counter-Attack during your own turn. You cannot play it as an interrupt during your opponent's turn (unlike an Ambush card).

  2. gheintze says

    Counterattacking a counterattack (Comment / Question)

    Can you use a counterattack card on a counterattack card?


  3. player486875 says

    hedgerow hell (Comment / Question)

    can you counterattack an airpower command (in hedgerow hell)? It's a bit confusing because the counter-attack card says to issue the same order just played by your opposing FIELD GENERAL. But air power is played by the CIC.

  4. gheintze says

    Counter Attack Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. When you Counter-Attack a Recon 1 card, may you draw two cards?
    A. Yes, as long as you Countered the Recon function of the card. The entire effect is duplicated, including the draw 2 cards, discard 1.

    Q. When Countering an opponent's Air Sortie played in conjunction with a Section card, the Counter-Attack only Counters my opponent's Section card, not the Air Sortie he played along with it (Air Pack rules p. 4). But what if I have an Air Sortie card in front of me: May I play it along with my Counter-Attack on the Section card just played?
    A. Yes, you may.

    Q. Can a player Counter-Attack an Ambush card?
    A. No.

    Q. Can you use a Counter-Attack card on a Counter-Attack card?
    A. Yes.

    Q. How can players remember what to Counter Attack?
    A. Players should remember: You ALWAYS Counter the card only. In effect, you are simply playing the same card as your opponent. (I actually have seen players take the card just played by the opponent and place the Counter-Attack on the discard pile, although Section cards order units in the same section as your opponent.) You can do anything you would normally be able to do with that card (e.g. use a Recon 1 card as Air Power for the Axis player when Blitz Rules are in effect).

  5. gheintze says

    Answer to the hedgerow hell Question above (Comment / Question)

    Yes, you may counter attack a card played by the opposing Commander-in-Chief.

  6. hellscream says

    What cards can you counter? (Comment / Question)

    Can you only counter a section or a Infantry Assault card or can you counter every card with special condition for section/ IA card?

  7. player1455865 says

    Countering The Finest Hour (Comment / Question)

    Can You Counter There Finest Hour

  8. xHoolZx says

    Countering Barrage ? (Comment / Question)

    Hello, Can I countering Barrage ?

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