Exclusive Deluxe Train Sets to mark the 20th anniversary of Ticket to Ride!

These limited-edition sets capture the nostalgia and craftsmanship that have made Ticket to Ride a beloved classic among board game enthusiasts worldwide. Each set includes 45 finely detailed train cars, along with 3 Standard Stations (for Ticket to Ride Europe), and a matching Scoring Token.

This limited-edition Deluxe Train Sets, exclusively available for the game anniversary, will beautifully enhance your games of Ticket of Ride. Finely sculpted, with intricate details and printings, these trains will stand out on your favorite Ticket to Ride map, transporting you even further in the amazing world of early 1900s train travel.

These collector sets are a must-have for any Ticket to Ride enthusiast, offering a unique blend of historical homage and exquisite design. They will be available for purchase at Essen Game Fair and worldwide in October 2024, available in five designs. Additionally, an exclusive train set will be offered at stores participating in the Hobby Next program.

2 - 5
30 - 60'


  • Content: 45 Deluxe Trains (plus some spares), 3 Standard Stations and 1 Scoring Marker
  • Compatible with the various editions of the game (excluding the First Journey range, Rails & Sails, Legacy: Legends of the West and the Anniversary editions)
  • Release October 2024
  • Available in 5 different designs