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[2ème DB] Armor assault on Kilstett - January 22, 1945

Western Front By: jdrommel - Last update: 05/14/2012
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x5 x6 x5 x6
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Historical Background:
January 1945, during the German offensive in north Alsace, called Unternehmen Nordwind, the 3rd battalion of 3rd RTA (French colonial troops of general Guillaume) was surrounded in the village of Kilstett. In the morning of 22nd of January, the pressure of German troops was increasing on the French defenders and the GT"L" was ordered to save the lost battalion. In the afternoon, Leclerc's tanks counter-attacked from the village of La Wantzenau with the help of 2/3 RTA. After a fierce battle, the German troops were repelled with serious losses and the surrounded battalion was delivered.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Allied player [France] : 5 command cards.
Axis player [Germany] : 5 command cards, you move first.

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals.

Special Rules:
- Use "Elite Armor" rules (Troops 2) to the Axis armor unit. Badge is not required.
- The Axis artillery battery is an antitank "88" battery. Use "Heavy Anti-Tank Guns" rules (Troops 23).
- The Allied player lays out the minefields (Terrains 29).
- The "Air Power" card is not allowed to the Axis player. If he draws the Air Power card, he must play it as "Barrage" card.
- Winter combat rules are optional if you have the expansion "Winter Wars".

Scenario Bibliography:
- Magazine Historica n°27 - Alsace du nord, Opération Nordwind.
- Album Mémorial Bataille d'Alsace 1944-1945 - Ed. Heimdal.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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