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If several sections of my ship are crippled simultaneously (as a result of facing Ann Bonny, for instance), do I need to pay for the repairs first, or can I apply the two gold I receive as a result of my visit to Pirate's Cove?
You can take your reward first, then spend the gold you had and the one you received to pay for the necessary repairs, as long as the amount of gold thus spent is sufficient to cover for the entire repair costs. You thus get to keep the Tavern Card you receive in addition to the 2 gold.

How do you split the fame gained from defeating a Legendary Pirate, if several players participated in the attack?
The fame gets divided equally (and rounded down, if necessary) between all surviving players at the moment the Legendary Pirate or Royal Navy gets defeated.

In the rules, what does westward mean exactly?
-Westward means clockwise, in ascending numerical order, starting from Tavern Island (# 1), and finishing up with Treasure Island (#6) and Pirate's Cove.

Can I play the Royal Navy on my own Island (to help me defeat an enemy, for instance, or to acquire additional fame)?
No you can't. You can only tip off her Royal Majesty's ships to another Pirate's hideaway than the one you moor at.

Can you make repairs on your ship, even if it was not crippled when it fled to Pirate's Cove?
No you can't, nor can you repair a section that was not damaged below the water line (i.e. whose strength marker wasn't pushed off-board)

What is the exact meaning of "booty" on the Consort event card?
Booty means all the spoils from the plunder, ie not only treasures, but also all gold, fame and tavern cards potentially collected.