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Excellent work on designing this. This was very fun.



Interesting but not balanced enough. Germans are too strong.

Chaplain Shafer

Joueur de l'axe :

X 4

X 4

Joueur des alliés :

X 4

X 4

Joue en premier

Scenario Image

Ordre de pose










Contexte historique :

Herr Oberst!

Unser Nachschublager steht seit Tagen unter schwerem Artilleriefeuer und wird nicht mehr viel länger durchhalten. Es ist ausserordentlich wichtig, dass dieses Nachschublager funktionstüchtig bleibt! Ihre Befehle lauten, die Position der Alliierten anzugreifen und die Artilleriestellung zu zerstören.

Our supply depot has been under heavy artillery fire during the last few days, and it will not last much longer. It is vital that this depot survives! Your orders are to attack the allied position and destroy the artillery!]

Description :

Axis Player: Take 4 command cards.

Allied Player: Take 4 command cards.
You move first.

Règles :

Bridges do not block line of sight!

The depot is impassable terrain.

Put a stack of 6 medals on the depot. The stack may be attacked.
Each soldier-symbol is a hit. Flags are ignored. For each hit, remove one medal. When the last medal is removed, the Depot is destroyed and the game ends immediately.
If both allied artillery units are destroyed, the game ends immediately.

Destroyed units (including the two artillery units) count as normal victory points.

For the final score, the side fulfilling their objective adds 5 points to its "normal" score (from enemy casualties).

Conditions de victoire :

Allies objective: destroy the depot!
Axis objective: destroy the allied artillery units!