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Chaplain Shafer


1 Star-- A. Quality of historical research: There is no historical research mentioned. It appears to be fictional but does include a date of D-Day+1. B. Scenario Balance: Appears to be balanced after playing twice to 4-3 scores. However, Axis has 2 artillery, which gives the impression this could lean the Axis way over time. C. Fun Factor: The second time I played this it turned into a very fun come from behind game. However, because of the small number of units with the wide open territory, this scenario takes awhile to warm up. For example, for the first 3 turns or so, both sides may just be positioning themselves before any battle can take place. It took me over half the deck to play through the second game. D. Setup time required: Fairly simple setup, small amount of terrain, no special units. Setup time not a big factor. E. Strategic Options: It does seem that the strategic options are limited for Allies as the tanks are bottled in and the action seems to be center-section focused. For Axis, it is a defensive position so there aren't a lot of options. F. What's good about this scenario? It appears that balanced games are frequent, which always lends to the fun factor. G. What would improve this scenario? I think more units and more terrain for both sides would help this scenario to warm up quicker.

Joueur de l'axe :

X 4

X 4

Joueur des alliés :

X 4

X 4

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Contexte historique :

D-Day +1

Elements of 1. Div (Omaha Beach) advances left to link up with British forces. Enroute they encounter a light German Coastal Artillery - defended by its own security forces.

Description :

Allied order:
Mop up and continue north as soon as possible.
4 Command cards.
Move first


Axis order:
Defend and hold position.
3 Command cards

Règles :


Conditions de victoire :

4 medals (1 allied VP - Coastal Artillery)